Changing your career:

defining new goals and finding new paths

Career consulting for professionals

From newbie to retiree at the same company: career paths as they used to be are seldom seen today. Change is a part of life – both professional and personal – and it’s no longer a taboo.   

It is actually much more common for you to question the “Why?” and “What for?” during key moments in your life. Whether it’s the return to work after being a stay-at-home parent, a desire for self-realization or taking the next step in your career. We help you find new paths and go from planning to action.

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  • Career re-orientation

    Consulting on re-entry or new entry

    “On Mondays I want to throw up” is how the magazine brandeins titled their June 2013 edition and in doing so, spoke to many a heart. At least it seems that way. Surveys have been showing this trend for years – around 70% of workers are unhappy with their job. Unhappy because the job either doesn’t match their skills, characteristics or interests, because it has no prospects or because the pay or the hours aren’t good enough.

    However, our experience shows that every person can find a job that matches their personal potential and at the same time supports them in their personal growth and development. In an individual one-day consultation with us, you can find out what job is the right one for you.

    A routine consulting session

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  • Re-entry

    Consulting on returning to work

    A time-out from work can have numerous reasons. Whether you have to take care of someone else or recover from an illness or an injury, it is often difficult to go back to your old job. Some don’t want to. For many mothers and fathers, children can change their outlook on life, work and how they see themselves.

    It’s a good time then to put your own personality, potential and personal vision under the microscope. Who am I? What can I do? What job is the right one for me and for my family? We help you find the answers to your questions – as well as concrete solutions!

    A routine consulting session

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  • Career planning

    Consulting on self-marketing

    Work-wise everything is running smoothly, you have a routine and are coping with your tasks. You are not unhappy. Really. But actually, you would like more responsibility, a higher position or the chance to transfer abroad. You would like to be able to put your ideas across in interviews, when receiving feedback or negotiating performance appraisals and finally show others what you can do. You would actually like more.

    We can help you work on your self-marketing so that you can better position yourself in your area of work and strategically push your career forward. It is not about pretending to be something in front of your employers, business partners or clients but rather about being authentic and more in touch with yourself and your skills. Only when you know your own potential, when you utilize it and when you consistently develop it, will you be happy and successful.

    A routine consulting session

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A routine consulting session


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One day, one goal

To begin with, you receive a questionnaire which we use to derive the main points of your consultation. From a number of diagnostic aptitude tests we select the test procedures best suited to you and begin with them at 9am on the day of your consultation. The tests help us to identify your characteristics, your motivation to perform, your incentives, patterns of behavior and communication, learning type and temperament as well as how you deal with stress.

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In a personal conversation

Over the course of the day you are taken care of by your own personal career consultant, who is solely dedicated to your analysis. Indispensible to your consultant: detailed, personal conversation with you. This conversation gives context to your test results, makes you recognizable as a person and takes your experience and milestones into account.

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The one-on-one principle

Two minds are better than one. For this reason, at Struss and Partner your consultant discusses your profile with one other colleague. This way we can ensure that we incorporate all aspects and come up with the best possible options and strategies for you.

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The result

In the afternoon your consultant presents you with the results. We recommend that you invite those close to you such as parents, your partner or close friends to be part of this conversation. Together we define goals and discuss the next steps. We take time to answer your questions. The presentation takes as long as it does to clarify any questions or concerns you have. Generally, this usually takes about one and a half to two hours.

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Ready to start

At the end of the day you receive all the results, action plans and extra information in the form of a folder that is put together individually for you. Intended as a memory aid, it’s set up in such a way that you can get started immediately.

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In contact

After your day with us, we make sure we’re still there for you. We are happy to answer any questions that may arise after your session. This offer is valid for a whole year and does not incur any further costs.

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Career consultation for professionals

Prices include tax

Including 1
year of follow-up

Consultation with a consultant from our team€1,800
Add-on 1: Consultation with a senior consultant+ €300

The price includes our consultation service: After your appointment you can come to us with any questions relating to your career counseling session, applications, job advertisements or deadlines – without additional costs.

For existing clients, we can build on existing knowledge. For this reason, for any follow-up consultation – for example job application coaching or a consultation on how to re-enter the work force – you will receive a 20% discount. This offer is valid for the relevant client only and cannot be exchanged or transferred.   

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“Paths come to exist because we walk them.”

— Franz Kafka

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