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As a career consultancy we give you prospects for starting a career – including with us! Whether it’s as a career consultant, a trainee or a student – there are many opportunities at Struss and Partner to get an insight into our work. What you should bring to the table? A thirst for knowledge, empathy and appreciation for the task we value the most: individual consultation.


Thesis paper
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Thesis paper

We put ourselves and our work regularly on the test bench. In addition to our own appraisals, which we continually use to improve for example customer satisfaction, we also supervise student investigative research. We have already overseen several thesis papers that explore consultation success or compare how oriented and motivated clients are before and after a consultation.


We are open to all research undertakings in any subject area that tests our service and effects. To ensure optimal supervision by Struss and Partner, we ask you to give us a brief outline of your idea and as well as the duration and intensity of the accompaniment you require. Contact us directly through our knowledge manager Tobias Jacobsen (jacobsen@strussundpartner.de).


You are interested in career consulting as a profession? Thinking about a degree or traineeship that leads in this direction? Then you can get first-hand experience with us. As an intern, you will assist in all the steps of a consultation and support our consulting team. To be able to get a comprehensive idea of what we do you should spend at least 4 weeks with us.


We appreciate the many applications that we receive. As a place of work and as a consultancy, this is a welcome mark of confidence. Unfortunately we are unable to meet the huge demand at this time. We have no internship vacancies until 2017.

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters, compared to what lies inside us.”

— Henry David Thoreau

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When the topic of career comes up in the media, Struss and Partner are often the go-to experts. A selection of articles gives you an overview of our career-related media coverage.

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Come to us and you will be met with consultants who – through analytical reasoning and knowledge of human nature – are committed to helping.

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